Albert Einstein will tell you that there is a mathematical reason for everything in the universe, so your back pain is not just the result of bad luck – it is the sum of specific factors that lead to a loss of control of your back.

This app has been founded by a team of health professionals who work daily with spinal pain and lumbo-pelvic dysfunction and have over 100-years of collective clinical experience. We developed it after the realisation that there are a few golden rules and common exercises that are effective across the entire low back pain spectrum.

We have worked 12-months and over one thousand hours to make this app as user-friendly as possible and the best and most useful back pain management application on the market. We hope you enjoy using it. Most importantly though, we hope it helps you get your back on track!

Best wishes

Antony Bush
Manipulative Physiotherapist, MBA.
NZ Winter Olympic Team Physiotherapist 2006.

The Sports Physio Clinic
Sydney Academy of Sport
Sydney, Australia